Concentric skies

« Concetric skies in the Christian Middle-Ages », based on an article by Jean-Pierre Luminet (astrophysicist)

The Christian Middle-Ages believed in a finite world, with a centre : the Earth, and an edge.

But what happens if I stand at the edge, and I throw a stick outwards, beyond that edge ?

The world we live in holds things we can see, touch, feel or hear. These things are ephemeral: they don’t last forever.

Humans are born, they live, and they die.

Beyond the limits of this world lies a spiritual world, the divine world.

If I throw a stick at the edge of the world, it either falls back on the earth, or it transforms into an ethereal element, a stick spirit.

The finite world in which we live lies within another world, where things are eternal: they last forever.

Source :

Concentric skies in the Middle-Ages. Engraving colored by Blandine Lemoine, 1993. The original can be found at the Deutsches Museum, Munich coll. Carmen © Explorer


1. According to Christians from the Middle-Ages, what happens if I stand at the edge of the world and I throw a stick?


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