We are stardust, Hubert Reeves

Excerpt from : “L’Univers expliqué à mes petits-enfants”, pub. Seuil

“The earth and those rocks that make the ground on which you walk, the water you drink, the air you breathe, your food. And your body, too. One of science’s greatest discoveries has shown that all those substances, numerous and different, are in fact combinations of small particles called atoms.” […]

Touch your forehead while looking up at the sky. Could you believe that the atoms that make up your body are born in the stars ? […]

At the center of those stars, it is extremely hot, and nuclear reactions occur. This creates new atoms that gather in the star.

Later on, when each and every star has died and dismembered, these atoms wander around space. A certain number of them will end up in the matter that makes up our planet. They go around in the ground and the oceans. And one day, they integrate the life cycles of all species. Ever since then, these atoms lie in every individual, and your food provides you with them constantly.  […]

In a sense, stars are the grand-mothers of all humans, and all times, and all the living of the world.


Constellations, by Pablo Picasso.

According to his biographer John Richardson, during the summer of 1924, “the splendor of the meridional sky” inspired Pablo Picasso who then created his own constellations : dots of ink linked by feather lines, replacing zodiac signs by guitars or mandolins, sprinkled with music notes.


1. Atoms created in the stars :


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