At the heart of Paul Klee and the Eskimo Nebula

At The Core 1935 Painting by Paul Klee; At The Core 1935 Art Print for sale

Heart series, Paul Klee, oil on canvas, 1935, private collection.

Image taken by the Hubble satellite, January 2000

« Art is like the Creation, it is a symbol. Just as the terrestrial world is a symbol of cosmos.» Paul Klee, On Modern Art.

The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) was discovered in the Gemini constellation in 1787 by astronomer William Herschel.

About 10 000 years ago, the gas you see on the picture made the external layers of this solar star.
The central star is clearly visible on the picture.
The white internal threads you can identify on the picture were ejected by violent winds of particles that came from that central star.
The external disc has orange threads that are a light-year long.


1. What lies at the heart of the Eskimo Nebula?



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