Genesis, excerpt from “Une Bible” by Philipe Lechermeier, ill. Rébecca Dautremer, pub. Gautier Languereau, 2014.

How the world came about
Once upon a time,
A world where there was nothing.

None of all the things we know
And not even the slightest breeze to brush over this nothingness
No sun to warm its surface,
No water to bathe in
Nor cold for which to shiver..

Nothing at all.

But most importantly,
Just like at the bottom of a drawer or at the end of a long corridor,
It was very dark.
So God decided to create light.
And he separated it from obscurity.
He gave them names so they would not be confused one with the other :
Night for darkness, and day for light.
And hence he invented the first day at the same time,
With light from morning to night, and night from dusk till dawn.

Because sky and waters were one,
God drew a long line in the horizon
So that we could distinguish the waters from the sky.
Above lay the sky
And the waters beneath.
And the second day had occurred.

And then,
Because earth and waters were one,
He split both of them,
On one side he assembled the continents,
On the other, he spread the oceans and seas.
And on those continents, he planted herbs
And trees that all carried seeds
For those seeds to become
Other trees and seeds.

And time flew by so quickly,
The third day had just occurred.

After this,
He took light
And shared it between night and day
He made a big ball for day,
To heat the earth and for it to be well lit up.
And as for night,
He sprinkled the sky with thousands of shining sparks,
And in the middle of these sparkles, he gathered whatever light was left.
And without even noticing it,
The fourth day had gone by.

And since
Nothing in the sky was moving
Nothing in the waters was simmering,
He added birds,
And he added fish,
Making sure he wouldn’t mix them up.
That was the fifth day.

And for
The earth to not be an endless desert,
God took dust
And with his fingers, manipulated it till it became
A man, in his image.
And then, so that man would not get bored,
He added wild beasts here and there,
Big and small,
Small and big.

And the sixth day had also passed.
When the sun rose on the seventh day,
God was tired.
He stopped and contemplated what he had built.

He was satisfied, and to celebrate,
He decided that on that day
One would never work.

And that is how the world came about
More or less,
A long time ago,
Once upon a time…





1. According to Genesis, what did God use to create mankind ?


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